BLACKWING DESCENT (BWD) boss 5 and final boss.

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BLACKWING DESCENT (BWD) boss 5 and final boss.

Post by Rowanmother on Fri Feb 10, 2012 7:47 am

-Vault of the Shadow Flame-

The penultimate boss is Maloriak he lives in the far right chamber (the green room on the map):

OKAY, you've done well to get this far guys. Take a breather, and watch the final fight in Blackwing. Nefarian and Onixia:

Okay, just remember, wipes happen, if you get too tired, too hungry or thirsty or don't take a if you need to take a breather, ASK. Chances are, others will want a break too. Keep calm. People getting arsey, insulting or nasty will make it unpleasant for everyone else.
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